Author Leonard Clifton reveals The Last Prince of Atlantis

This book chronicles the adventures of Allen King, a young Black American who discovers he is a prince of ancient royalty.

Amidst fighting his mortal enemies, Allen seeks to restore his kingdom. Can he succeed?


Leonard Clifton started as a print model, which led him to acting. His first role was in Steven Spielberg’s Amistad. He went on to have roles in several other films like the cult classic Bring It On, television productions, and international commercials. Leonard loves writing, supporting his favorite charities, traveling the world, and is always seeking new adventures. Leonard has five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, he was the first author to have a Barnes & Noble book signing for Black History Month at The Grove in Los Angeles. He has been interviewed about his writing on Los Angeles’s KPFK radio and he has given a lecture about The Last Prince of Atlantis Chronicles and how it relates to Afrofuturism at California State University, Northridge.


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